Augmented reality

Augmented reality or augmented reality (AR) is a reality amplified through the enrichment of human sensory perception through the superimposition of digital content that is combined with palpable reality. It does not replace reality, but enhances it by adding multiple levels of information, such as text, images, videos and holograms.
By providing strategic information on the surrounding environment, augmented reality is used in different areas and situations, both at a professional level (doctors, military, aircraft and car pilots, …) and private (games, simulation of the home environment, purchase of a product,…).

Areas of use of augmented reality

Here are some examples of augmented reality in industry 4.0:

Augmented reality: advantages

Companies can take advantage of augmented reality making use of new promotional strategies to differentiate themselves from competitors:

smart city

Virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a simulated reality. Through the use of digital devices, the person is catapulted into an alternative reality to the actual one. Unlike augmented reality, immersive virtual reality completely replaces the real world by immersing the user in an imaginary environment, created and reconstructed graphically or through 3D footage. Virtual reality immerses the user in a simulated world where he can be a simple spectator or can perform even complex interactions.

Virtual reality: applications

Thanks to the immersive graphic settings, the areas of use of virtual reality are numerous, primarily in the world of entertainment and video games, but also in the world of cinema or social networks with 360 ° movies. Furthermore, from the viewers that allow you to remotely control the status of a construction site with an immersive 3D view, to the immersive experiences that allow technicians to understand how to repair a machine or assemble a gate, there are many business examples in which these technologies find today a use.

realtà aumentata e realtà virtuale

Virtual reality: advantages

Virtual reality brings countless benefits to companies that can take advantage of virtual reality by making use of new promotional strategies to differentiate themselves from competitors:

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