ICT research: what it’s, areas of application and achievements

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We have been finding ICT in many sectors of the economy for a while, but what are they? And what does it mean to do research in ICT today?

ICT research refers precisely to research in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT).

Moreover, this is not purely academic speculation, but the concrete application of technologies designed to offer people new business opportunities.

Read on to learn more about ICT research.

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What is ICT research

ICT research aims to develop advanced technologies that can transform – and in some cases ‘revolutionise’ – the way we live, work and communicate. These range from big data analysis to artificial intelligence (AI), from cybersecurity to telecommunication networks and so on.

Specifically, ICT research focuses on the study, development and application of digital technologies to solve complex problems affecting industry 4.0, but also sectors such as health, education and public administration (PA).

What has ICT research achieved? Examples

ICT research has brought:

Moreover, ICT research does not stop there; it can also embrace other fields, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR) or blockchain.

ICT research sectors

The Centraal Bureau voor de Statistiek or CBS distinguishes between:

In the first case, this refers to the manufacturing sector, i.e. the manufacture of computer systems or audio-video transmission equipment; in the second case, it refers to the wholesale trade or specialised consultancy with regard to digital transition processes.

Although this distinction appears, at first sight, ‘limiting’, it is useful to us in order to better understand the strategic aim of ICT research, namely the production not only of new and increasingly performant technologies, but also and above all of information, content and knowledge related precisely to ICT or ICTs.

Differences between IT and ICT

While information technology (IT) alone therefore refers to the use of any computer system, the Harvard Business Review gives a clear definition of what information and communication technologies are. ICT refers to all technologies that provide access to information via telecommunications. Unlike IT, however, ICT focuses more on communication technologies, such as the Internet, wireless networks and smart phones.

The breaking down of space-time barriers has given rise to the so-called ‘global village‘, within which it is possible to communicate instantly with anyone from anywhere in the world. The expression ‘global village’ was first used by the well-known researcher Marshall McLuhan, who theorised it in his essay The Medium is the Message to describe the transition from the mechanical to the electrical age, which effectively decreed the birth of globalisation, characterised by the facilitation of human communication by means of technology.

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